18.5 Gabby Logan, Broadcaster

What helps to build resilience? Viv Groskop talks to the broadcaster, Gabby Logan, who has pioneered sports presenting for women in the UK. Just this year she co-led the BBC’s coverage of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games and Women’s Euro 2022. She tells Viv what it was like to start at Sky in her 20s when the channel was just four years old; presenting two live shows a day in a team formed of new voices and old hacks. Gabby shares some of the personal tragedies that have shaped her, such as the death of her younger brother, Daniel, when he was just 15 years old. And she reflects on how having children gave her a new found sense of perspective. The art of public speaking, Gabby believes, is just like sport – it’s all in the preparation. And know your audience.

Find out more about Gabby Logan in her memoir, The First Half

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