18.4 Debbie Wosskow OBE, Entrepreneur

How do you put on your game face every day? Viv Groskop talks to the co-founder of AllBright, Debbie Wosskow, on purpose, energy and drive. She launched the startup Love Home Swap, inspired by the film The Holiday, and sold it for $53 million in 2017. Debbie hails from an entrepreneurial family and tells Viv how she’s never been shy to talk about work, business and money. She reflects on how her family background helped to de-risk the idea of business. Together with her business partner, Anna Jones, Debbie reveals how they rehearse every aspect of what they do, gaming ‘everything – from dresses to delivery’.

Find out more in Debbie’s co-authored book Believe. Build. Become. How to Supercharge Your Career

A new updated edition of Viv’s book, How to Own the Room is out now.


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