Viv’s new book Happy High Status

Happy High Status

This week I am really excited to finally unveil my new book…. HAPPY HIGH STATUS: HOW TO BE EFFORTLESSLY CONFIDENT! This book is coming out on June 29.

This is a book I have wanted to write for over ten years and I really had it in mind *before* I wrote How to Own the Room. Adopting the expression “happy high status” as a synonym for “relaxed, easy, authentic confidence” is *the* thing that has made the most difference in my life as a person, as a presenter, as a performer, as a parent… Happy high status is a way of re-defining confidence so that it is not something intimidating and difficult. It’s a way of re-imagining things so that we no longer put self-belief or self-esteem on a pedestal as something to aspire to and instead we start with ourselves. When do we feel most relaxed? With whom do we feel most ourselves? How are we able to behave and speak when we are in that zone? That feeling is happy high status. What would happen if you were able to transfer that feeling into more areas of your life? This book explains how you can do that. And it’s funny and fun. And features hundreds of examples from film, TV, politics, business, sport, comedy and leadership to give you inspiration — but also to show that happy high status a quality that is open to anyone in any field. It’s the opposite of a personality transplant: it’s about accessing what is already inside you and recognising that you are already as confident as you need to be.

You would do me a massive favour if you would order this book now, ahead of launch. Pre-orders make the biggest difference to the fate of a book because they are counted as first-week sales. If first-week sales are strong, booksellers and online retailers increase their orders, the book gets a shot at the bestseller charts, everyone gets excited and things really start to move. Click on this link for details to buy at Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, Blackwells or (independent). More news to come (a lot more) in the run-up to the June launch.

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