Tied to you with a thousand threads (and a party reminder)

Happy High Status Launch Party

Hello! Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the new book — and thanks to everyone who has been in touch about going on the guest list for the launch party on 3 July. I’ll leave the list open for another week or so for newsletter subscribers. To get on the list, subscribe to the newsletter (see below) and reply to us when you receive it — or email fiona@fionasoffice.com. Come and say hi! I would love to meet you!

I’m recording the Happy High Status audio book the week after next and you can pre-order that here.

More sneak preview content in the coming weeks about what’s in this book including: Mafia Energy Without the Murdering (how to be assertively high status without coming across as scary); Be Like Shiv in Succession (how to hold attention and focus with silence and by projecting background presence); Dancing Like You Mean It (how to be authentic and original without risking too much rejection)…. And more. There are hundreds of examples in the book from TV, film, sports, business, politics, all designed to brainwash everyone into accepting the idea I’m obsessed with: that there are as many forms of confidence and as many ways of projecting power and leadership as there are people on the planet. Really excited to unveil and explain all the ideas in this book.  

There’s an unintentional link to this quote I saw this week from the author and activist Leslie Feinberg:

My right to be me

is tied with

a thousand threads

to your right to be you.

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