Rocking Tunbridge Wells Labour Party



Thrilled to be appearing at The Forum at Royal Tunbridge Wells on Thurs 18 June at 7.30pm. I’m performing a preview of Say Sorry to the Lady as a fundraiser for the Royal Tunbridge Wells Labour Party. I am astonished that (a) there is a branch of the Labour Party in Tunbridge Wells and (b) that anyone who is a Labour supporter would consider that Tunbridge Wells is a good place for them to live. But I guess I will find out the answer to these strange discrepancies.

I am really touched by the number of people who have agreed to host previews, knowing only that I’m putting together a show “about the great British cult of apology.” It has been fascinating going up and down the country with my little bits of paper, asking people what they want to apologise for and who they would most like to see apologise. I have a pretty good idea that the good folk of the Tunbridge Wells Labour Party will have plenty to say on this topic. In fact it might be difficult to shut them up. I look forward to trying.


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