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I Laughed, I Cried reviewed in the Observer here. “Stand-up may be enjoying a boom in the UK at present, but still only a small proportion of comics are female. Of that number, few are mothers, and of those, pretty much none started off doing stand-up when they already had three small children at home. Except for Viv Groskop. [Her] attempt to combine stand-up with a stable home life makes for a breathless read.”

Online reviews — from “Impossible to put down… I am reading it for the second time and am recommending it to everyone I know… The book is a collection of heartbreakingly bad gigs and those comics dream of, where the audience are with you from the start and hang from your every word. It’s also got some honest accounts of life with a family and being on the road. The three months gigging leave Viv crying, gagging, laughing, sleeping and every other imaginable experience possible.”

From “Rarely has the struggle of the newbie comedian been so perfectly captured. Heart-warming, hilarious, uplifting and a joy to read: you will laugh and – like me – you will possibly weep. What more can you ask from a book about stand-up comedy?”

From What the Frock: “Her honest and funny writing, and shameless style, meant that I sped through I Laughed, I Cried in only two sittings – absorbed in the ups and down of Viv’s mission, and drawn in by the journalistic inclusion of various quotes and facts from established comedians on the circuit. This book makes you want to be Viv’s friend – even if that means being dragged along as her ‘bring a mate’ to a dingy club that smells of sewage (I refer you to gig four).”


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