New Series of How to Own the Room Podcast is here

How to Own the Room

How to Own the Room podcast is back! And we’re in Series 20. I can’t quite believe it. I never thought when we first launched episodes in late 2018 with Nigella Lawson, Mary Portas and Professor Mary Beard (the first to sign up to support) that we would still be going half a decade later. 

Our guest today is Marielle Wyse, CEO of fashion brand Wyse London, who launched her business nearly ten years ago at the age of forty nine with no retail experience and never having run a company. She started out with five cashmere cardigan designs and has ended up with a business that employs fifty people and launches hundreds of designs a year. I’m a big fan of their dresses which have a generous cut. (You know what I am saying…) (Warning: this is not cheap stuff. It is very good quality. Investment pieces, like the fashion people say.) 

We talked about making career plans and significant changes as you get older, showing up on social media even if you’ve never done that before and how to turn your passion into an income stream. All the usual “holy grail” stuff, right? Listen to Marielle here Let me know what you think. 

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