New podcast: We Can Rebuild Her




WE CAN REBUILD HER PODCAST. By the time you read this, we should have released two episodes of this brand new podcast, designed for the post-pandemic era.  Episode 1 is about life’s propensity to serve us with rug-pull moments: tech entrepreneur Martha Lane-Fox talks about surviving a near-fatal accident and DJ Dotty Charles analyses why our default reaction to so many things nowadays is outrage. Episode 2 is about reinventing yourself using a business idea: fashion designer Yvonne Telford of Kemi Telford talks about starting a brand with £50 (yes, there really is no excuse) and Flowerbx CEO Whitney Bromberg Hawkings talks about working with Tom Ford for 20 years, how the collapse of live events nearly destroyed her fledgling business and how our passion for peonies in lockdown rescued it. More episodes on how to survive this moment coming just as soon as we can make them. 


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