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Thanks so much to everyone who has already pre-ordered my new book Happy High Status: How to Be Effortlessly Confident after last week’s launch announcement. If you pre-order a book before publication you are truly performing an angelic service for an author because these are the sales that are counted towards the book’s crucial first week. For a book to thrive, this really helps. In fact, it’s priceless. So thank you! To order click here.  

The week of publication I’m doing a virtual workshop event with Guardian Masterclass: How to Be a Brilliant Speaker (click for tickets) on Wed 28 June from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. 

Jonesing for a massive corporate order… Want to order multiple copies of Happy High Status (50 or more) and be the first to get your hands on the book for your organisation, company or clients? If you’re able to place an order of 50+ copies, you can order at 25% discount. Message for details. I’ll do my best to do these orders as signed copies.

If you want to see me ahead of Happy HIgh Status, here are some events I have coming up: Hosting Killing Eve author Luke Jennings in Wanstead on Thursday 27 April. French Author Night at Beyond Words Festival, Institut Français, London, Tuesday 16 May. And I’ve just found out that I’m hosting Margaret Atwood at the Hay Festival on Thursday 1 June and Jojo Moyes on Friday 2 June . Come and say hi.

— And in case you missed the picture of Margaret Atwood giving her blessing to the first manuscript copy of Happy High Status, here it is.

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