I had a blast interviewing Dan Levy about what it was like to work on Schitt’s Creek.

This was his only London date talking about the book of the show and it was in front of a sold-out crowd of 2,000 at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, hosted by Fane Productions (who do a lot of these “in conversation” events — and do them brilliantly).

Ten years ago when I first started doing this kind of work, I would get nervous and I would have all kinds of questions I would torture myself with. Have I prepared the right thing? What if something comes up that I don’t know about? What if I ask a question that the person hates? But over time you learn that these kinds of questions really don’t matter at all and that as long as you have done the prep and are willing to go with the flow and think about what the audience needs to hear and how you can support the person being interviewed… It all just kind of happens very naturally. Pretty much every time I do something like this, though, I learn something new and that’s exactly what I try to pass on with How to Own the Room. More on Fane events here

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