Get ready for Happy High Status

Viv Groskop

Thanks so much to everyone who has already pre-ordered this book — I am completely blown away by people’s support and kindness. First reviews are coming in now and I am thrilled to see that the message I am trying to put out in this book has got across.

Viv has created an invaluable guide to becoming your best self. This book shows you how to channel confidence and embody strength and leadership without feeling like you’re being a dick about it. This brilliant book has made me feel that I  — a normal woman with thick ankles and frizzy hair — can embody the charming, insouciant confidence of Michelle Obama or Julia Roberts. Many of us have no problem feeling witty, charming, confident and capable after a couple of glasses of wine, but Viv’s book allows you to get that feeling without even a whiff of Prosecco.” — Lucy Porter

Yes, there is a little bit more on Michelle Obama — and loads more on George Clooney — in this book as it was partly inspired by reader responses to Chapter 2 of How to Own the Room: “Be More Michelle: Inside the World of Happy High Status (also starring George Clooney and the Fly-Catcher).” Happy High Status is the one idea in How to Own the Room that I’ve been asked about the most over the years. Happy High Status is less about what you do to own the room and more about what’s going on inside you. I’ve always felt that we all really know already what we should be doing in terms of presenting, speaking and showing ourselves in our best light. The much more interesting question is this: what holds us back from doing what we already know? That internal piece of the puzzle is completely fascinating. There’s a parallel for me here with diet culture. We all know what we should be doing to be fitter and healthier. The thing to understand is why we are not doing those things… It’s not so much: “What should I be doing?” And more: “Exactly why am I not doing that?” It’s a very deep question but one that yields massive results when you force yourself to answer it.

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