Edinburgh preview at The Stand



It’s the Edinburgh Edinburgh preview! No, that is not a typo. It is the preview of my Edinburgh show which is happening in actual Edinburgh. It’s a double bill: me and the astonishing Tony Law. He’s great. Just look at his lovely little face. Thanks to Time Out for their shout-outs — we’re their pick of Things To Do in Edinburgh in June (well, we’re No. 8 of 37 things): “Law is an energetic whirlwind of barmy bizarrity, while journalist and comic Groskop brings a welcome, feminist slant to the occupation.” Elsewhere they urge punters to “be gentle” with us. This seems unnecessary. Tickets are selling fast and they’re dirt cheap (£1 if you’re a member of The Stand) so come along and be as gentle or as rough as you like. Maybe I will regret saying that.


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