Bridget Jones: “the original banana skin girl”


So the new Bridget Jones novel, Mad About the Boy, is coming out in October. But have we had enough of her? In this Observer profile I argue (not exactly originally, but, hopefully, definitively) that Bridget defined an era. I tried not to go too far into speculating what the new book will be like because only a three-line extract has been released. But I’m worried that with its focus on social media, it’s going to risk being out-of-date before it even comes out. Plus, Helen Fielding doesn’t actually use Twitter or, I’m guessing, Facebook. Unless you’re obsessed with using social media and really understand people who use them and how they’re used, it’s very hard to parody them in an engaging and believable way. We shall see…

Meanwhile, I did love the Fielding quote I found that described her take on Bridget: she’s the original screwball heroine. (Or, rather, unoriginal. But who cares about that.) Bridget Jones is “the girl who’s the embodiment of the banana skin joke. Optimistic – with grand aspirations: ‘I’m not going to sleep with him.’ Cut to her in bed with him.” 


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