Amy Bloom and the little tin can

I hope you’re cruising through February. I read this great interview with novelist Amy Bloom talking about her new book In Love.  (Also: it’s not the most important thing but I completely love her hair and her look generally.) This led me to an interview Bloom gave in 2010  about switching from being a psychotherapist to being a writer and how, despite years of experience as a therapist, she still struggles to “read” people. I love this quote where she is talking about people in therapy:  “You say to them ‘you seem to be carrying this little tin can left over from 1964 with you everywhere you go; maybe you’d like to put it down?’ And sometimes they go, no, it’s way too hard to put it down, I would like to ruin my relationships for the rest of my life, thank you very much.” This made me laugh so much.

Take it from me: If you are carrying a little tin can, it’s OK to put it down.

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