21.4 Sophie Ellis-Bextor, singer-songwriter – Happy High Status

Sophie Ellix-Bextor, Happy High Status podcast, How to Own the Room, Viv Groskop

How do you bounce back from a major knock to your confidence? How do you maintain focus and poise even when you’re exhausted or overwhelmed? In this fourth in our series of Happy High Status takeover episodes, Viv talks to Sophie Ellis-Bextor, singer/songwriter and the powerhouse behind one of the best things to come out of the pandemic: Kitchen Disco. Sophie first became known in the late 1990s as a teenager, as the singer of the indie rock band The Audience. The band was unceremoniously dropped by their label in 1999 and Sophie almost dropped out of music completely. But after bouncing back with a debut album that sold 1.5 million copies, she found her voice as an international dance/pop artist with another six albums, including her latest, Hana. All whilst casually having five children along the way. How do you find the energy to be confident when you’re depleted? How do you handle criticism and rejection and stay positive? There’s no better role model for fun happy high status than Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Viv’s book Happy High Status: How to Be Effortlessly Confident is out now.Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s album Hana is out now.    

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