20.6 Angela Cretu, CEO

How to Own the Room Podcast Season 6 Episode 6 – Angela Cretu

How do you achieve and stay authentic? Viv talks to Angela Cretu, CEO of Avon, one of the biggest beauty brands in the world.

Growing up in Communist Romania she says she learnt about gender and social equality, while ideas of self-expression or personal ambition weren’t present.

After the revolution in 1989, Angela joined Avon at the age of 24 as the company moved into this emerging market and she flew – building new teams at home and internationally.

She tells Viv how important it was for her to share insecurities with a mentor about facing confident male colleagues from the established western markets.

Angela learnt that her voice mattered, her perspective mattered and finding strength in her own self while enabling others have proved to be key to her success.

Before going on stage she recommends immersing yourself in the energy of the room. And Angela will always make sure her eyes look amazing.

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