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How to Own the Room Podcast Season 6 Episode 5 – Lucinda Chambers

How do you follow a dream? Viv talks to the fashion legend, Lucinda Chambers, who worked at Vogue from the age of 21, eventually working her way up to become fashion director at the iconic magazine.

Chatting in Lucinda’s beautiful west London home, she tells Viv about how she learned graft in her childhood and about working hard to follow creative sparks.

Despite being in the glamorous world of fashion, Lucinda reveals that she never took it for granted and made sure her feet stayed on the ground while the sparkles danced among the style and the glossy pages of the magazine.

She’s now co-founder of Collagerie, a curated online shopping platform for fashion and interiors, which she runs with former Vogue colleague Serena Hood.

And her advice is simple… it’s all in the baby steps.

Viv’s new book, Happy High Status: How to Be Effortlessly Confident, is available for preorder.


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