19.6: Masterclass on How to Be Confident

What is the secret of fearlessness?

How do you focus if you’re feeling nervous?   In this final episode of the How to Own the Room masterclass series, we dive back into the back catalogue for key tips and tricks on How to Be Confident.

Actress Petra Massey (Sandstrom, Miranda) is best known for clowning and physical theatre – she carries herself with a profound inner confidence, and talks to Viv about channelling fear through her body in a productive way.  Another counter-intuitive trick for confidence, is using advocacy to empower others. Vanessa Sanyauke, CEO of Girls Talk Global, explains that when you act as an advocate for other people, it gives you a chance to use your voice and remind yourself of that true unshakeable confidence. As a performance poet, storyteller, best-selling author and co-writer on Beyoncé’s visual album Black is King, Yrsa Daley-Ward performs a lot of her own words on stage and for film. She compares her performance to a jazz improvisation, that is more honest and authentically her.

Viv’s new book, Happy High Status: How to Be Effortlessly Confident, is available for preorder.


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