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Writer for Sunday TimesThe Independent, Independent on Sunday, The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times (Weekend), the Observer, the Guardian, the Spectator, the London Evening Standard, Red, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and High Life on arts, books, popular culture, television, comedy, family life, feminism and jumpsuits. 

Regular TV blogger and reviewer for The Guardian, series blogger for Downton Abbey. Commentator on TV, film and costume drama for UK and US radio and TV.


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“Thanks for your brilliant blogs.”

“Good to see a Viv Groskop blog.”

“There have been times when this blog has been better than the script.”

“This blog is much more entertaining when it goes for affectionate teasing rather than the ubiquitous smart-arse sneer.”

“Lovely blog, Ms Groskop. Thank you.”

“You really made me laugh out loud.”

“Hooray, another series blog from Viv! That’ll keep me watching if nothing else does.”

“I’m sorry. But does the fact that there is more than one storyline going on at a time confuse anyone but the reviewer? Maybe if you tried to watch the programme instead of thinking up what clever put-downs you can write this week?”

“Thanks for a fantastic blog – it really has made my Monday mornings.”

“Have really enjoyed reading the blogs.”

“Viv Groskop, you are a pro, maintaining such an upbeat and entertaining interest in this awful train crash of a series.”

“Just stop moaning and enjoy it. Or watch something else.”



From left to right: on the joy of Easter in The Times; comedy and offence in The Independent; on miscarriage in The Times; on feminist pilgrimages in The Guardian; interviewing Rod Liddle in the London Evening Standard; on jumpsuits in The Guardian; on Betty Friedan in The Independent; on Amanda de Cadenet in Red magazine.

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