R4 Front Row: the new sitcoms




Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row about The Wright Way, Ben Elton’s new sitcom about a health and safety officer, and The Job Lot, a new ITV “dramedy” set in a job centre. My response confused some listeners. I said I laughed out loud at the slapstick of The Wright Way but, ultimately, was not crazy about it: despite tight writing and some bravura acting performances, it does feel old-fashioned. (Which some people will love. It will find fans amongst Miranda and Mrs Brown’s Boys aficionados.) The Job Lot, on the other hand, has something fresh and different about it. There’s a feel of the best of The Office with a dash of The Thick of It thrown in. Plus it has its own morose, claustrophobic tone. No big laughs and yet possibly the better comedy. I know. It makes no sense. 


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