My new book on women and ambition: Lift As You Climb



My new book Lift As You Climb: Women and the Art of Ambition is coming out March 5. Order here. It’s a companion volume to HOW TO OWN THE ROOM and looks at everything in our working lives that goes on behind closed doors and inside our minds… How can we make ourselves heard in meetings without feeling pushy? How can we help other women speak up? How can we cultivate mentors and role models? How can we ask for more money and get a “yes”? How can we use our ambition for the things we want — balance, space to think, creativity, travel, family — as well as for our work goals? We all know the expression “There is a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t help other women” but what do we really think about that? What does that look like in practice? And why don’t we put that pressure of “lifting others” on men? It’s full of practical advice, hints, tips, takeaways and loads of provocative ideas and questions. You can also order on Kindle here. Audio coming soon. 


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