Podcast: For the Love of Mic



“Boom, shake, shake, shake the room! Boom, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM!” Improbably but exceedingly pleasingly the people at hip-hop-lovin’ DJ hoedown For the Love of Mic (“the silliest rap night in London”) asked me to be Agony Aunt on their show for London Fields Radio. This required me to dissect the lyrics of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems and advise him on future life decisions. 

I took the view that 99 Problems is an expression of deep delusion and defensiveness. This man believes he has a lot of problems but a woman is not one of them. I would argue that by foregrounding the woman, he shows that really she is in fact the root of his problems but he is in denial of this key fact.

Mostly, though, I asked DJ Alexi Duggins (in another life, Editor-At-Large at Time Out) many middle-aged, high-court-judge-style questions about what rap words mean. A “gat” is a gun, apparently. Why not just say this? Also on this recording: Kris Kross (“Jump! Jump!”), Dizzee Rascal and Betty Boo doing the do. Those are the people I had heard of anyway.


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