Downton: Series Four, Episode Two



The section headings are back by popular demand and this season, as last season, we shall have a winner of the Golden Eyebrow Award, fear not. Last series Carson won, pipping the Dowager Countess to the post. Tonight he ties with Lord Grantham as the owner of the most upwardly mobile brow.

I am sorry to say that I rather despaired of tonight’s episode, reviewed here (beware: spoilers). Many things happened. Many things. Too many things. But none of them were very important or engaging. Have I become jaded after too many tingles? I do rather love Rose, however, silly though her plotline was. And I’m always happy to see Molesley, the Stan Laurel of the cast. At least as the song says — and as I’m sure one of Uncle Julian’s mouse scriptwriters would say, because it’s entirely inappropriate for the period — things can only get better.


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