Downton on PBS: the last two episodes



 I feel I must apologise to the people of the Americas for the Downton Abbey series finale. No-one else is going to say sorry, least of all Uncle Julian, so it falls to me. I am truly sorry.

Apologies too for the cock-up on the Guardian website where all the series blogs have been out of synch. Despite me complaining about this and even sending them a link to the one they were supposed to post on the right day. Pah!

For the record, PBS broadcast the last two episodes of Series Three as a special extended penultimate episode. In the UK this was shown in two parts: click here and here to read. And they showed the UK “Christmas special” as the Series Three season finale. That at least makes sense. 

Meanwhile I have apologised for loads of things that aren’t my fault. No need to check my passport. I am British.


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