Downton Abbey: the end is nigh


It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. Downton is almost finished. And yet it is not quite yet finished. Here’s the latest on last night’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre (warning: spoilers). It has been a rocky ride being the series blogger since series two of this peculiar British export which is as preposterously successful as it is, er, preposterous. There was no series blog for series one because it wasn’t a phenomenon at that stage, hard though that seems to believe. Instead when it launched, I wrote things like “I have died and gone to period drama heaven” in September 2010 (I now shudder to read this) and (I cringe) “Oh Downton, how we will miss you” in November 2010.

What a difference five interminably long and pointless series make.

I’ve almost thrown in the towel a few times, especially when the plot lines have seemed to rotate, a la Groundhog Day. But I’ve stuck with it largely because it is my job to do so (and to attempt to remain open-minded and balanced) but even more so because of the community of commenters who gather every Sunday at 10.01pm to rip the show apart — or, occasionally, heap lavish praise. I like to think we’re fair to Uncle Julian. Although if we’re not, he can take it. Downton has sold to over 100 countries and is one of the most successful exports in ITV’s history.

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