2013: A good year for feminism?




Yes, I think it must be agreed that 2012 was a good year for feminism. But will 2013 be even better? Love this report by AFP which references the influence of Rhiannon Coslett and Holly Baxter of Vagenda, Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman, Lucy-Anne Holmes of No More Page Three, Everyday Sexism’s Laura Bates and, of course, the MASSIVE Stand-Up to Sexism gig.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am the one at this gig who talked about the 26, 241 nipples published in The Sun. The odd number is not because I am a woman and therefore bad at maths. It is because one time Melinda Messenger stood side on.

Here’s what we want more of in 2013:

— More initiatives by (especially young) women to inspire debate. What we have is great. It needs to multiply. 

— More menz* involved generally.

— More debate about gender stereotypes. A lot of what still passes for “feminism” is just reverse “them versus us”. It’s not about gender-blindness. It should be.  

— More men primary school teachers. 12% of primary school teachers are male, compared with 38% male secondary school teachers (also not great). This is not because I want to lech at menz during one of my only daylight interactions with other adults. No, it isn’t. That would be lazy gendered stereotype of a hormonal middle-aged woman. Though accurate.

— I may have missed a few ideas. Tweet more: #feminism2013


* menz = counterpart of wimminz


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